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  • 26/
    Nov 2019

    INDUSTRY4EUROPE: A long-term strategy for Europe’s industrial future: from words to action

    The Industry4Europe coalition has today issued its new Joint Paper A long-term strategy for Europe’s industrial future: from words to action. Through cross-sectoral recommendations, the Industry4Europe coalition contributes to the future EU industrial strategy announced by European Commission President-Elect Ursula von der Leyen. The Joint Paper presents concrete industrial policy proposals in seven priority fields; business-friendly policy environment, sustainability at business core, upgraded skills and training, enhanced research and innovation, investment and improved access to finance, reinforcement of the European Single Market and strengthened trade and international market access. The 149 industry organisations behind Industry4Europe stand united in their repeated calls for an ambitious and long-term EU industrial strategy that must help Europe remain a hub for a leading, smart, innovative and sustainable industry, that provides quality jobs and benefits all Europeans and future generations.


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  • 21/
    Nov 2019

    UNIFE Vision Paper on Urban Mobility

    UNIFE’s new vision paper, titled "Urban Rail for cities and metropolitan areas”, is the first document outlining the European Rail Supply Industry’s stances on urban mobility. In this publication, we highlight the strengths of metros, tramways and suburban trains using contemporary case studies from across Europe to illustrate why urban rail is an essential instrument in our collective effort to address the most pressing mobility challenges.

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  • 31/
    Jul 2019

    UNITEL Position Paper - EU funded and coordinated FRMCS pilot projects

    The on-going FRMCS project and Shift2Rail work streams represent important steps in defining the future communication system for railway. However, the railway communication supply industry has identified a major challenge to industrialise the solutions and ensure readiness for a commercial rollout, similar to the challenge faced when GSM-R was introduced. UNIFE is convinced that an initiative to support the first European market application and piloting of FRMCS would represent an essential step to successfully introduce the new communication system into the railway networks. This UNITEL Position Paper on ‘EU funded and coordinated FRMCS pilot projects’ outlines the challenge identified by the railway communication supply industry and highlights the need and purpose of FRMCS pilot projects in moving towards the future communication system for railways

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  • 19/
    Jun 2019

    Dublin Declaration of the European Rail Supply Industry

    More than 200 leaders of the European rail industry gathered in Dublin for the 28th UNIFE General Assembly. To mark this occasion the Members of the UNIFE Presiding Board signed the Dublin Declaration in order to raise the awareness of EU and national decision-makers on the crucial importance of our industry for the sustainable development of our continent and whole planet.

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  • 15/
    Apr 2019

    UNIFE Vision Paper on Digitalisation

    UNIFE’s new Vision Paper on digitalisation outlines the views, priorities and ambitions of the European rail supply industry on digital technologies which are shaping the way our sector is moving forward. UNIFE’s vision focuses on  five major areas – Big Data; Cybersecurity; Artificial Intelligence; New Mobility Services and the Digitalisation of the Freight Logistics Chain – which are contributing to the greatest extent to the digital transformation in the rail sector. With the present Vision Paper, UNIFE aims to bring the European rail supply industry’s views and objectives into the centre of the digital debate, to contribute decisively such discussions, and to effectively engage in a fruitful dialogue with decision-makers and other key stakeholders

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  • World Rail Market Study

    The Study is a reference for the rail sector and is regularly referred to as a standard set of data for the rail supply industry.
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