UNIFE members are involved in the manufacturing of all components of the broader rail system. This section and its subsections give more detail on the components of rail systems and how UNIFE and its members are involved in advancing rail system technology.

The Rail System is generally refers to all of the equipment necessary to operate a passenger or freight rail service. At the simplest level this includes Rolling Stock: the trainsets comprised of locomotives and cars; and Infrastructure: (everything else on which the rolling stock operates such as tracks, stations, switches/crossings, signalling systems, energy systems, etc.). There are of course, many subcomponents that comprise a trainset and the broader infrastructure.  

UNIFE members manufacture components and subcomponents for rail systems throughout the world. All sections of the industry: system integrators, railway infrastructure manufacturers, rolling stock as well as subsystem suppliers and signalling system producers work together at UNIFE. As the representative of the European Rail Supply Industry at the EU and international level, UNIFE advocates for legislation that allows manufacturers to make rail systems more efficient and effective and promotion of research that can develop solutions to the challenges of interoperability, increased capacity of railway systems in Europe, but also abroad.

The subsections of this topic provide more detail in the component parts of the broader rail system and how UNIFE and our members are involved in building the rail system of the future.


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