The EU offers billions of euros of funding for rail transport infrastructure investments in less developed EU Member States allowing them to build and develop rail corridors for a fraction of the cost

Through the Cohesion Funds and the European Regional Development Funds (ERDF), the European Union makes several billion Euros available for investments into the transport infrastructure of the economically less developed European Member States. However, some Member States have found it challenging to properly absorb these funds which would enable them to rebuild their railway infrastructure for only a quarter of the costs that they would otherwise have to shoulder! Together with its national associations and CER, UNIFE advocates the use of these funds for rail investments in the Member States and fosters conditions favourable to railway funding in Brussels.

In some cases UNIFE members can directly benefit directly from ERDF financing. Even though the availability of funding for specific projects, for instance in research or energy optimisation, depend largely on the region, UNIFE tries to provide help upon request to its members that are interested in accessing such funds.


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