UNIFE members manufacture rolling stock (and its subcomponents) that are in operation throughout the globe in all segments of rail transport: (Very) High-Speed, Mainline/Regional, Urban/Suburban and Freight

Products and Services
UNIFE rolling stock companies offer the world’s leading capabilities as full system integrators and also as suppliers of the complete range of railway systems products:

  • Locomotives
  • Multiple Units (Diesel – DMU, Electrical – EMU)
  • High Speed Trains
  • Metros
  • Trams
  • Traction Systems (current collection systems, transformers, converters, motors)
  • Auxiliary power systems
  • Doors   
  • Brake Systems
  • Air Conditioning Equipment

System integrators and (subsystem) suppliers deliver and maintain high-quality rolling stock in Europe and around the world.

Strategic/public affairs
Most UNIFE members are involved in Rolling Stock in some capacity. Therefore UNIFE supports its members in many aspects promoting new, environmentally friendly Rolling Stock. UNIFE is in constant contact with the European Railway Agency (ERA) regarding many strategic issues or decisions to be taken for mainline and high speed Rolling Stock. UNIFE also coordinates with other respective EC Directorate Generals, for example DG Research & Innovation and DG Move for setting up new R&D projects – many of which deal with Rolling Stock.

UNIFE also takes action for improved rolling stock financing, in particular in Central and Eastern Europe. UNIFE contributed to open up EU regional aid for passenger rolling stock financing. UNIFE is also promoting leasing schemes for rolling stock in the new Member States.

Technical activities
Rolling Stock System Integrators and Suppliers are heavily involved in technical activities, namely in the three core areas of research, standardisation and regulation:

  • Research: the rail industry works on collaborative EU-funded research projects with pre-competitive goals in order to promote railway competitiveness of its innovative products but also EU interoperability and technical harmonization, including activities aiming at the voluntary standardisation of interfaces. UNIFE acts as Coordinator in a good number of FP7 and H2020 projects in order to ensure the best possible outcomes for the industry partners and the rail sector as a whole. Through the setting up of the new Joint undertaking SHIFT²RAIL UNIFE had offered to its members and to the wider rail R&D community a unique platform for system integrators and subsystem suppliers to join forces together with other railway stakeholders to increase the EU rail attractiveness and industrial competitiveness.
  • Standardisation: UNIFE, through its network of expert Topical Groups, coordinates efforts of the rail industry to guarantee that the standardisation technical works to truly provide harmonised norms. Topical Groups for Rolling Stock include Aerodynamics, Brakes, Cab/Drivers Desk, Crash, Diesel, Railway Dynamics, EMC, Fire Safety, etc.
  • Regulation: UNIFE, as the association representing the rail supply industry, is the only appointed interlocutor for the development of the Technical Specifications of Interoperability (TSIs) at the European Railway Agency (ERA). With the support of UNIFE, member companies are heavily involved in the drafting of these documents.


For further information on Research, please contact:
Nicolas Furio
Head of Unit - Technical Affairs
+32 2 626 12 62

For further information on Standardisation and Regulation, please contact: