UNIFE Members provide high-quality infrastructure such as tracks, electrification equipment, signalling, and switches as well as infrastructure construction and installation services for rail lines all over the world

This section provides UNIFE´s knowledge on the different aspects of the rail system. Policy and technical information on Infrastructure, Signalling, and Rolling Stock can be found in the parts below.

Products and services
UNIFE infrastructure members offer the world’s leading capabilities in rail infrastructure, throughout the supply chain:

  • Supply of track components (rail, fastening systems, switches and crossings…)
  • Supply of electrification components (catenary, power supply systems…)
  • Supply of signalling and telecommunication suppliers (equipment on the wayside)
  • Supply of condition monitoring systems
  • Track installation, maintenance equipment and machinery (On Track Machine)
  • Construction, maintenance and renewal of integrated track systems

Suppliers and contractors deliver and maintain high-quality track infrastructure in Europe and around the world.

With infrastructure investment costs comprising the vast majority of costs to the sector, the supply industry is supporting the concept of life-cycle-cost (LCC) assessment as a solid long term basis for investments into innovative technologies. Simultaneously, it is committed to a high performance system through continually improving RAMS parameters: Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety.

Strategic/public affairs activities
UNIFE is following up several European policies favourable to the development/modernisation of railway infrastructure in Europe (e.g. The development of trans-European network for transport (TEN-T), the Cohesion Policy and other rail infrastructure related policies…).

Moreover UNIFE infrastructure members are supporting the Infrastructure Managers. By enhancing cooperation with the Infrastructure Managers, UNIFE is promoting the knowledge and know-how of the UNIFE infrastructure members in order to improve the implementation of future railway projects.

Track-work contractors are still restricted in accessing new and emerging markets by entry barriers such as unfavorable contractual arrangements and onerous acceptance requirements for track installation and maintenance machinery. By providing a forum for joint discussion on how to overcome these barriers and through its cooperation with the European Federation of Rail Track-work Contractors (EFRTC), UNIFE is improving the environment in which its members operate, thus increasing their business and improving the competitiveness of the rail supply sector.

Technical activities
UNIFE infrastructure members are heavily involved in technical activities, namely in the three core areas of research, standardisation and regulation:

  • Research – The UNIFE infrastructure members are involved in joint cooperative research projects aimed at reducing installation and maintenance costs and noise and vibration of rail infrastructure through innovation while improving performance.
  • Standardisation – The UNIFE infrastructure members are involved in the ongoing activities of CEN / CENELEC and in the Technical Recommendation (TecRec) process.
  • Regulation – Experts from UNIFE infrastructure members are involved in the review process of infrastructure technical specifications for interoperability (TSI)s.
    These activities together are working to harmonise the railways and thereby reduce costs and improve the performance of infrastructure to make the rail sector more competitive.

For more information please contact:
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