Driving sustainable transport

It is time to hop on rail for a more sustainable future!

Climate change is rapidly effecting communities’ abilities to live undisrupted by adverse natural phenomenon and shifting ecological conditions. Transport, one of the most caustic and polluting sectors of the modern economy, must do its part by going green.

Rail, as the most sustainable form of mass transportation, is a valuable tool to reforming the way humans interact with our planet. It is for this reason why our industry has become central to the European Commission’s climate action strategy.

After coming into office in 2019, the von der Leyen Commission recognised the threat posed by climate change and has moved to make the EU Green Deal the cornerstone of its agenda. Subsequent initiatives, such as the Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy and the European Year of Rail, have shown that it views our sector as a promising lynchpin in its plans to make Europe the first climate neutral continent by mid-century. Accordingly, it has set ambitious targets for rail in its efforts to reform the mobility system: it wants to see high speed rail and rail freight traffic double by 2030 and 2050, respectively. For our part, the European Rail Supply Industry is hard at work devising new technologies in rolling stock, telecommunications, fuel cell applications and more to ensure that transportation is decarbonised and doing its part to ensure that the next generation can enjoy a healthy planet and the vibrant communities we have helped create across it.

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