Urban Mobility

Rail-bound urban transport is the most environmentally friendly, safest, and most reliable rapid transport mode, providing the best solution to urban mobility challenges.

Creating new metropolitan mobility paradigms – capable of delivering high-quality, accessible-to-all urban and sub-urban mobility services fit for people’s day-to-day lives – is required. Technological advances and their commercialisation, increased funding, intelligent policies, and business-model innovations are pivotal for establishing sustainable urban mobility schemes. Moreover, no mode of transport alone – no matter how technologically advanced or attractive – will be able to operate independently and effectively resolve the urbanisation challenge.

Anticipating the greater need for public transportation, UNIFE has published its first Vision Paper on Urban Mobility to emphasise the importance of metropolitan authorities investing in urban rail as they work to address these challenges. Metros, tramways and suburban trains are uniquely well-suited to be the backbone of a new clean, safe, multimodal mobility paradigm.

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