What are the benefits of joining UNIFE?


  • Information on European legislation impacting our Members (Transport, Industry, Trade, Environment…)
  • Information on technical topics (outcome of European R&D projects, regulation and standardisation activities like the development of new standards or TSI)
  • Analysis of the rail markets in the world (free copies of the biannual UNIFE World Rail Market Study + regular case files focusing on particular oversea markets)
  • Information on the IRIS Quality Certification

Access to EU funds


  • UNIFE Annual Reception (European Railway Award Ceremony) and General Assembly are great opportunities to network with numerous leaders of our sector
  • Annual UNIFE Thematic Workshop where UNIFE Members are given the floor to present their innovations and exchange on a specific topic of importance for our industry (cf. noise and vibration, safety, composite materials…)

Access to decision-makers

  • Making sure that public decision-makers will implement policies that are favourable to our Members’ business
  • Facilitating the link between our Members and decision-makers at EU (and even national) level(s)
  • Enabling participation in regulation and standardisation activities in relation to the ERA and standardisation bodies like CEN-CENELEC

How much does membership cost?

The first step for a potentially interested company who would like to know about the fees is to fill in a simple Membership Information Enquiry. This form does not constitute any commitment on the part of your company and the information provided will of course be kept confidential. On the basis of the rail turnover indicated in this document we will be able to communicate to you very quickly the amount of the annual Membership fees. You will then decide whether you would like to officially apply for Membership.

What is the procedure to apply for Membership?

Any company willing to apply for UNIFE Membership is invited to fill in an official Application Form which is then sent to the UNIFE Strategy Committee for examination. This Committee will provide a preliminary assessment of the application before it is sent for approval to the UNIFE Presiding Board, our highest decision-making body at CEOs level. Finally the annual UNIFE General Assembly formally ratifies the new Membership.

Once a company officially becomes a UNIFE full Member, its representatives can of course benefit from all the services provided by the different Departments of UNIFE.

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