UNIFE Technical Working Groups

UNIFE technical working groups support UNIFE’s work on standardisation, regulation, and research. The overall coordination is done by the responsible UNIFE committees, namely the Standards and Regulation Group, UNIRAILINFRA committee and Sustainable Transport Committee.

There are two types of technical working groups in UNIFE. 

  • UNIFE Mirror Groups (MG) which are active during the drafting and revision of regulations and Technical Specifications for Interoperability (TSIs), mirroring the working groups of the European Union Agency for Railways (ERA) where delegates from UNIFE participate as official representatives of the European rail supply industry.
  • UNIFE Topical Groups (TG) follow specific technical topics, mainly related to specific tasks and developments in standardisation and research activities in their area.

Any industrial company which is a Full Member of the Association and who has expertise in the relevant field is eligible to apply to become a member of these groups.


The responsible UNIFE Committees supervise the UNIFE Technical Working Groups and periodically reviews their activities in order to ensure that they operate in line with UNIFE’s overall strategy and objectives for the standards and regulation system.

A summary of the current UNIFE Technical Working Groups is given below with a short description of their focus of activities. Where necessary, several Technical Working Groups may work together to develop the UNIFE position for transversal topics impacting several subsystems or technical areas of the railway system.

For information on the recent activities and deliverables of the UNIFE Technical Working Groups please see the UNIFE Annual Report or contact the UNIFE Technical Affairs team.

UNIFE Mirror Groups

Electromagnetic Compatibility Mirror Group (EMC)

Energy Mirror Group (ENE MG)

Infrastructure Mirror Group (INF MG)

Noise Mirror Group (NOI MG)

Persons with Reduced Mobility Mirror Group (PRM MG)

Rolling Stock Mirror Group (LOC&PAS MG)

Safety Assurance Mirror Group (SafAssu MG)

Telematic Application for Passengers & Freight Mirror Group (TAP & TAF MG)

Vehicle Authorisation Mirror Group (VA MG)

Wagon Mirror Group (WAG MG)

UNIFE Topical Groups

Brakes Topical Group

Cabin Topical Group

Chemical Risks Topical Group

Diesel Topical Group

Fire Safety Topical Group

Life Cycle Assessment Topical Group (LCA TG)

Train Control Management System Topical Group (TCMS TG)

For more information, please contact:
Technical Affairs
Nicolas Furio Technical Affairs

Nicolas Furio

Head of Unit - Technical Affairs +32 2 626 12 62 Read more

Note: Other UNIFE TGs have existed on the basis of the the SRG, UNIRAILINFRA Committee and Sustainable Transport Committee mandates such as Aerodynamics TG, Energy Efficiency Topical Group, Crash Safety TG and Railway Dynamics TG. More TG may be opened if required.

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