ERTMS Marketing Group (UEMG)

The UNIFE ERTMS Marketing Group (UEMG) is tasked with coordinating any marketing activities related to ERTMS. This includes collecting and disseminating deployment statistics, planning events, generating common publications such as factsheets, flyers, and brochures, as well as managing the ERTMS website.

The group also provides content for ERTMS-related communication via the official social channels – namely, the ERTMS Twitter account and website – and provides inputs for any ERTMS-related event. UEMG participants are Full or Associated Members of UNISIG.



Frequency of meetings: every 3 months
No. of participating members: 10
Main achievements:
  • Maintenance and update of content to be published on ERTMS website
  • Maintenance and update of the ERTMS general database, tracking all Trackside and on-board contracts signed by UNIFE/UNISIG members worldwide
  • Provide feedback to the European Commission and the European Union Agency for Railways (ERA) on specific ERTMS Deployment requests and related information
  • Update the ERTMS Deployment Interactive Plan, available on ERTMS website
  • Update and propose factsheets on the current status of ERTMS deployment in specific countries and/or regions
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