The European Railway Wheels Association (ERWA) aims at promoting usage benefits, lifecycle cost reduction and standardisation of railway wheels and wheelsets. Its mission includes developing standards and promoting innovation in safety and environmental friendliness.

ERWA also encourages the adoption of best practices across the European market. The ERWA Steering Committee is composed of CEOs from European wheels and wheelsets manufacturers. It is supported by the Development Committee, which analyses communications and political issues within and outside of Europe, including their impact to the European market; and the Technical Committee, which deals with standardisation, regulation and research.


  • BVV (DE)
  • CAF MiiRA (ES)
  • Lucchini RS Group: Lucchini RS (IT); LUR (UK); Lucchini Sweden (SE); Lucchini Poland (PO), Lucchini Central Europe (AT), LBX (BE)


Frequency of meetings: between 5-10 meetings a year for each ERWA committee
No. of participating members: 10
Main achievements:
  • International Wheelset Congress (IWC) organised every 3 years
  • ERWA Guideline For Axle Coating: In order to contribute towards enhancing the performance of axle protection, with the final aim of increasing the reliability and competitiveness of railway service, the members of ERWA combined their experience and knowledge about axle coating and, by joint effort, prepared and published the “ERWA Guideline For Axle Coating” based on the return of experience of the last decades of direct relationship with European and non-European railway operators, car builders and maintenance companies.
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