Technical Platform

The Technical Platform brings together all UNIFE Members and equally covers all EU research, technical harmonisation and standardisation matters.

The platform regularly reports on relevant developments and the Association’s activities at EU level standardisation bodies. It also shares news regarding the Association’s R&D/I projects, including Shift2Rail. The Technical Platform communicates changes within the regulatory framework in regards to the European Union Agency for Railways (ERA) and the European Commission (i.e. DG MOVE, DG RTD, DG GROW, etc.). This body enables all members to have a better understanding of current EU issues, their background and their implications for the industry in Europe and beyond.


Frequency of meetings: Once a year
No. of participating members: Around 100 members
For more information, please contact:
Technical Affairs
Nicolas Furio Technical Affairs

Nicolas Furio

Head of Unit - Technical Affairs +32 2 626 12 62 Read more
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