02 Aug 2021

ERTMS launches new website

The European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) is helping to build the next generation of European mobility, it deserved a next generation website! On 2nd August, ERTMS launched a new digital presence that highlights the progress that has been made on this key technology connecting the EU under a Single European Rail Area. Visitors can now explore ERTMS’s proliferation with an interactive and engaging Deployment World Map, that shows regularly updated statistics and information regarding projects making use of the system. Additionally, the new website features refreshed factsheets that have been reworked to best illustrate to interested parties the latest lessons learned, best practices and benefits that ERTMS have reached as we continue to roll out this essential component.

Please visit our new virtual home here to learn more about this critical telecommunications system that is allowing for a more interconnected, sustainable and reliable European rail system!

For more information, please contact UNISIG/ERTMS Manager Jonathan Cutuli.

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