27 Jul 2016


UNIFE, the European Rail Industry Association, gathered new support of railway operators for the International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS) with the first signature of a MoU on IRIS with a public transport operator, Ferrocarril Metropolità de Barcelona (FMB). The signing took place on 25 July at the FMB headquarters in Barcelona, with Marc Grau (Metro Network Director) representing FMB and Philippe Citroën (UNIFE Director General) representing UNIFE.

The MoU highlights the commitment of the signatories on the necessity of using the IRIS standard to reach sustainable improvements in rail organisations. It stipulates a number of areas of cooperation between UNIFE and FMB on IRIS, but in particular on the maintenance processes and the development and dissemination of an IRIS scheme within the global supply chain. It will establish clear standards of quality requirements and ensure that customer specific needs are reached in terms of product quality.

UNIFE Director General, Philippe Citroën, stated, “I’m very pleased to sign this first MoU on IRIS with TMB of Barcelona, the first public transport operator to officially recognise the importance of IRIS. This MoU once again reaffirms the need for industry and operators to cooperate closely to improving quality through IRIS.”

Marc Grau, Metro Network Director at FMB remarked: “In our 2015-2020 strategic plan, quality is a must: we need added value in our organisations and at the supplier level in order to sustain our growth. We consider that the implementation of the IRIS standard in the industry is a key to achieving this goal and it will be a mandatory requirement for future tenders.”

For further information, please contact Bernard Kaufmann, IRIS General Manager, at

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