18 Sep 2023

Launch of IRIS Certification® Rev. 04

Following the publication of the specific rail requirements for business management systems under ISO 22163, UNIFE is pleased to announce the publication of its IRIS Certification Performance Assessment:2023. In conjunction with the IRIS Certification Technology, these constitute the IRIS Certification® Revision 04 system that will come into force as of 1st January 2024. The main aim of this evolution is to simplify the process of certification and make IRIS certification more efficient, streamlined and accessible.

“With the launch of IRIS Certification® Revision 04, our aim is to continue to increase railway quality at a global level. As always UNIFE guarantees transparency and confidentiality for all parties, while ensuring a smooth transition into the new certification rules.” Philippe Citroën, Director General –  UNIFE

The ISO 22163:2023 is owned by ISO. It contains the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 Standard and the supplemental rail-specific requirements. With a full ISO standard, we reach a new level of worldwide acceptance. This is a significant advantage for the railway industry. The IRIS Performance Assessment:2023 is owned by UNIFE and contains all the relevant rules relating to assessment methodology and the certification process. These are the rules for achieving and maintaining IRIS Certification® recognition.

The IRIS Certification technology includes the IRIS Portal, Database and Audit-Tool web application and plays an integral part of the IRIS Certification scheme. It is used for recording and evaluating data as well as generating standardized reports of IRIS Certification audits. UNIFE will soon   release the newly implemented advanced web-based audit tool for auditors and organisations. The IRIS Unit has been expanded to accommodate the increased workload and future inquiries.

“With IRIS Certification® Revision 04  a very important milestone is reached. The achieved ISO standard is worldwide accepted, and with the creation of an EN standard further synergies.. Based on this “enhanced IRIS ” the rail sector is now able to harvest the fruits by further improving the quality of rail products, making the supply chains even stronger with regards to on-time and on-quality delivery as well as  the reduction of  audits  based  on  the  trusted  IRIS Certificates.” Stefan Siegler, Vice President Business Excellence and Quality Management – Siemens Mobility, and Chair IRIS Steering Committee

With this new revision, previously ineligible such as distributors and suppliers involved in turnkey operations can now apply to be certified. IRIS continues to grow with a significant increase in the number of IRIS Portal account holder registrations.

The new revision also includes a simplified version of IRIS Certification® for small and  medium enterprises (SMEs). Reduced documentation requirements and a simplified maturity level in the IRIS assessment sheet constitute lower barriers to entry. Simplified IRIS is to be used as a stepping stone for those organisations that were previously not able achieve IRIS Certification®.

“IRIS  Certification®  Revision 04  is  the  ideal  means to push quality  in  the  railway sector. Both the requirements of ISO 22163 and the Performance assessment rules will enhance customer satisfaction and process performance in the next years.” Bernard Kaufmann, IRIS General Manager – UNIFE, and WG5 Convenor, ISO/TC 269

IRIS Certification® is a global system enabling the rail sector to benefit from a strong and recognised evaluation method. Its successful implementation creates a win-win situation for all stakeholders. IRIS Certification aims to secure higher quality in the rail sector through developing and implementing a global system for the evaluation of companies supplying to the railway industry. Uniform language, assessment guidelines and mutual acceptance of audits create a high level of transparency and trust towards IRIS Certification throughout the supply chain enhancing competition and increasing the quality of rail products.

The video recording of the launch can be viewed here. If you have any further questions or inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact

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