10 Dec 2014


On December 10th, 2014, during the IRIS Steering Committee, the committee members confirmed the election of Mark Manley, Vice President Quality from Bombardier Transportation as Chairman of the International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS) Steering Committee. Mr. Manley was also selected as the next Chairman of the IRIS Advisory Board (IAB).

The role of the IRIS Steering Committee is:

  • To develop an international consensus regarding fundamental IRIS requirements
  • To continually develop and implement IRIS throughout the rail industry; including the assurance of the evaluation process, auditing and assessment methodology
  • To promote collaboration with other industries for the benefit of best practice and knowledge sharing
  • To develop policies and procedures for the common Certification Bodies to ensure consistency worldwide
  • To approve Certification Bodies, who certify companies to IRIS requirements
  • To approve member admittance
  • To proactively monitor progress of the IRIS Management Centre
  • To appoint IRIS Working Groups when required

The role of the IRIS Advisory Board is:

  • To promote a cooperative global organisation that brings the rail sector together to deliver significant improvements throughout the value chain
  • To maintain dynamic cooperation, based on trust, between international rail companies
  • To coordinate joint initiatives and activities across the rail sector
  • To continually communicate a Quality Culture, with the goal of reducing the cost of poor quality and promoting safety
  • To promote the IRIS Standard in the Railway Business as the main recognised and accepted global system for the evaluation of Business Management Systems

Since Q4 2013, Mark has held the position of Vice President Quality within Bombardier Transportation, responsible for defining and managing an efficient and effective quality strategy that ensures high quality products and services to customers. Mark joined Bombardier in 2012 running quality and HSE in the principal rolling stock division. Prior to his work with BT, Mark spent his 25 year career exclusively within engineering-to-order project driven companies within the oil & gas, utilities and defence industries.


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