26 Oct 2015


Almost 30 rail experts from Europe attended the MERLIN Open Workshop, entitled MERLIN opens its doors. Be witness to the Spanish Scenario Demonstrator’’ was organised the evening of 5 October in Malaga. The event was jointly organised by ADIF, CAF, RENFE, UNIFE and UIC.

Following a welcome speech by UNIFE Project Coordinator Andrea Demadonna, Javier Goikoetxea (CAF) and Monica Pelegrin (ADIF) presented an overview of the test scenario the participants would experience in the next hours.

A number of tests (or Scenarios) were planned within the MERLIN project in order to validate and demonstrate the technological solutions and enhancements. In one of the five MERLIN scenarios, CAF, ADIF and RENFE planned to install the so called Dynamic Onboard Energy Manager (DOEM) in a CIVIA III suburban train connected to the Local Optimisation System (LOS) trackside equipment in Malaga. Indeed, both DOEM and LOS play a relevant role in MERLIN's reference architecture, the REM-S.

During the demonstration between Benalmadena and Fuengirola stations, the DOEM was able to communicate with LOS, receive power limitations and calculate the Minutes Ahead Optimisation (MAO) Estimation to be sent to ground, completing the negotiation process between train and ground. The DOEM was equipped with a Driving Advisory System (DAS) providing the driver with instructions on how to drive in the most efficient way, while fulfilling timetables and coping with unexpected events. In parallel, a simulated Traffic Control Centre (TCC) was deployed with the LOS trackside equipment. This application allowed updating the arrival time of the train and continuously checking train location and real consumption.

Four cases were carried out: normal operation, substation failure causing lack of available power, degraded train (traction converter failure) and traffic jam.

For more information on MERLIN please visit the official website or contact MERLIN Project Coordinator

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