20 Nov 2017

UNIFE and Metro Madrid signed a MOU on IRIS

UNIFE, the European Rail Industry Association, gathered additional support from Spanish railway operators for the International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS) with the first signature of a MoU with Metro Madrid. The signing took place on 17 November at the Maintenance Depot Canillejas in Madrid, with Borja Carabante Muntada (CEO) representing Metro Madrid and Philippe Citroën (UNIFE Director General) representing UNIFE. Isaac Centellas, (Engineering and Maintenance Division Director) and Pedro Pablo Pascual, (Maintenance Area Director) attended the meeting and presented the maintenance site to the guests.

The MoU highlights the commitment of the signatories to use IRIS Certification™ to measure sustainable improvements in rail organisations. It clearly states several areas of cooperation between UNIFE and Metro Madrid on IRIS Certification™, but in particular on the maintenance processes and the development within the local supply chain. The newly updated IRIS Certification™ rev.03 system is focused on customer specific needs and performance evaluation to reach the expected product quality.

UNIFE Director General, Philippe Citroën, stated, “I’m very pleased to sign this MoU on IRIS with Metro Madrid, a major public transport operator in Spain. This MoU confirms the cooperation between industry and operators to improving quality through IRIS.”

Isaac Centellas, Engineering and Maintenance Division Director at Metro Madrid remarked: “It is important that Metro Madrid align its processes to ensure high quality for the internal customer: Metro Madrid operation division. We consider that the implementation of IRIS Certification™ will bring added value for the whole rail sector.”

For further information, please contact Bernard Kaufmann, IRIS General Manager, at

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