14 Apr 2021

TSI transitions for a competitive European Railway Sector

Increased stability and predictability of the European technical framework and TSI transitions regime are a top priority for the European rail supply industry. With this paper UNIFE aims to raise the awareness of all sector stakeholders, European Institutions and Member States to the risks seen with the current proposals of the ERA Topical Working Groups reviewing the TSI’s transitional provisions. The results of these TWGs will have significant impact on the business of the railway sector over the next decade, therefore it is essential to ensure stability to the business and predictability and transparency by the transition regime to be established.

UNIFE calls on the European Commission, European Union Agency for Railways and Member States to take this opportunity of the 2022 TSI revision to simplify the TSI transitional provisions to improve the competitiveness of the European railway sector and its supply industry. We ask to benefit from today’s TSI maturity especially regarding interoperability & safety and from market-driven product innovations.

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