23 Mar 2015

UNIFE position paper on the stocktaking review of the transport white paper

In the context of the stocktaking review of the Transport White Paper, UNIFE would like to stress the need to keep a high level of ambition by confirming the target of 60% reduction in transport GHG emissions by 2050 as well as the modal shift objectives. Therefore, UNIFE would like to highlight the following points:

- The objective of the mid-term review should not be to re-discuss the targets and policy priorities set in 2011, but to increase and streamline the efforts to meet them.

- Initiatives aimed at re-launching the EU competitiveness should take into account the White Paper objectives and, in particular, of rail’s environmental credentials.

- R&D initiatives should aim at increasing the attractiveness of rail transport and at the same time  support  the  leading  role  of  the  European  rail  industry  in  light  of  increasing competition.

- The lack of level playing field in the global rail market is an outstanding issue and should play a key role in ongoing and future EU trade negotiations.

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