Press Release
17 Mar 2013


BRUSSELS—On 17 December 2013, the TRAN Committee of the European Parliament voted on the Fourth Railway Package. UNIFE, the Association of the European rail industry, welcomes the vote and thanks the Members of the TRAN Committee for their work on the Technical Pillar of the Package.

The Technical Pillar is of great importance for the entire rail sector as it will reform the way authorisation is done in Europe. It will lead to quicker, more efficient and less costly authorisation procedures, providing railway operators and European citizens with new vehicles in a quicker and more predictable manner.

Moving towards an internal market for rail equipment, the Technical Pillar represents a cornerstone of the Single European Railway Area. It will help create a strong home market which the European rail industry needs to maintain its world leadership.

UNIFE, the European rail industry, hopes that the European institutions start trialogue discussions and adopt the Technical Pillar during this mandate of the Parliament so that today’s effort of the TRAN Committee will not be in vain and so the European rail sector can benefit from the Technical Pillar as soon as possible.

Philippe Citroën, Director General of UNIFE, states: “The rail sector urgently needs the Technical Pillar. It will enhance the competitiveness of rail as a transport mode and that of the European rail industry vis-à-vis its global competitors.”

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