Research & Innovation Committee

The Research and Innovation (R&I) Committee is responsible for monitoring European rail research opportunities and preparing recommendations.

It is responsible for the regular exchange of information on European rail research, including updates pertaining to Shift2Rail, discussions on and the preparation of future European rail R&D programmes like Horizon Europe and Shift2Rail-2 and the definition of railway suppliers’ R&I positions. The committee also drafts common positions that will be defended at the EU level. Its purview also includes contributing to ongoing initiatives such as ERRAC, Shift2Rail, the Industrial Dialogue and European Commission consultations on R&I. Additionally, it prepares inputs for ERRAC.


Frequency of meetings: Three times a year
No. of participating members: 12
Main achievements: Definition of the nine UNIFE Key Enablers for Horizon Europe (Shift2Rail-2)
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Technical Affairs
Nicolas Furio Technical Affairs

Nicolas Furio

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