08 Nov 2019

UNIFE promoted rail quality at Expo Ferroviaria 2019

How can Europe continue to provide the world with the best rail supply possible? UNIFE headed to Milan to share with EXPO Ferroviaria attendees how the International Rail Quality Board (IRQB) and IRIS CertificationTM are revolutionising global perceptions of our industry. At this 1-3 October conference, UNIFE joined 300 international exhibitors at Italy’s most prominent railway technology, products and systems exhibition to share the wide scope of this association’s activities. Our stand’s discussion centred on the promotion of robust railway systems as the EU experiences growing demand for rail transport.

In order to stay competitive, the EU also must continue to create high quality rail goods and services. At a UNIFE-hosted panel discussion we highlighted the necessity of quality when it comes to rail manufacturing products. Tommaso Spanevello, UNIFE’s Public Affairs Manager, kicked-off the panel debate titled “International Rail Quality Board (IRQB): a strong tool to push for better Quality through IRIS Certification™“ by highlighting various UNIFE endeavours that help promote quality products in Europe’s rail market.

Paolo Patti, Head of Quality Assurance at Hitachi Rail STS and IRQB representative, followed by presenting the IRQB’s vision to serve as a worldwide consortium dedicated to maintaining ambitious rail sector standards through further promotion of the IRIS Certification™ system. Maria Romero, IRIS Manager, gave an overview of the its current global deployment with a particular focus on Italy and the forecast of the region’s potential. Davide Torti, IRIS Certification Technician and RINA Turin’s Management System Certification Head, concluded by sharing his assessment of the IRIS-approved certification body and the Italian appetite for this scheme.
Contact Jekatyerina Maszlova, Communications Manager at UNIFE, to learn more about EXPO Ferroviaria.

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